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When this lousy war is over’
Tune: ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’

When this lousy war is over no more soldiering for me,
When I get my civvy clothes on, oh how happy I shall be.
No more church parades on Sunday, no more begging for a pass.
You can tell the sergeant-major to stick his passes…

what’s ‘what a friend we have a jesus’? the tune is ‘dump the bosses off your back’! 


Another young Black man victimized by the Philadelphia Police Department, all in a day’s work. “Plain clothes” officers at night. This young man was shot in the head after they shot at his car 14 times may be permanently blind from this incident.


posting for the “feel free to comment wryly on the irony of the situation” bit. 

also - this is bad because i needed it for RESEARCH but w/e i’m not a realist anyways. 

if i use the #accelerate hot sauce in vegan cooking will i be excommunicated from speculative realism?

Christian vegetarianism might be understood as a witness to the world that God’s creation is not meant to be at war with itself. Such a witness does not entail romantic conceptions of nature or of our fallen creation but rather is an eschatological act signifying that our lives are not captured by the old order.
Stanley Hauerwas & John Berkman, “The Chief End of All Flesh” in Good News for Animals?: Christian Approaches to Animal Well-Being (via stephanieberbec)






Lawrence & Wishart, who hold the copyright for the Marx Engels Collected Works, have directed Marxists Internet Archive to delete all texts originating from MECW. Accordingly, from 30th April 2014, no material from MECW is available from
English translations…

So much bullshit.


is this irony or poetic coincidence i can’t tell but it sucks either way.

oh my god

Fascism was an extremist defense of the bourgeois economy threatened by crisis and by proletarian subversion. Fascism is a state of siege in capitalist society, by means of which this society saves itself and gives itself stop-gap rationalization by making the State intervene massively in its management. But this rationalization is itself burdened by the immense irrationality of its means. Although fascism rallies to the defense of the main points of bourgeois ideology which has become conservative (the family, property, the moral order, the nation), reuniting the petty-bourgeoisie and the unemployed routed by crisis or deceived by the impotence of socialist revolution, it is not itself fundamentally ideological. It presents itself as it is: a violent resurrection of myth which demands participation in a community defined by archaic pseudo-values: race, blood, the leader.
Guy Debord, Society Of The Spectacle (via lifetimeachievementaward)
And yet, planet Earth is perhaps the only bearer of, salvation, and the other millions of worlds merely nature’s unsuccessful attempts. Do we not hear the awe-inspiring ‘Ye know not the place, nor the day, nor the hour’, and does this not spur us to even greater watchfulness and work in order to resolve this agonising uncertainty? So the world is nearing its end and man contributes to this by his activities, because civilisation and exploitation without restoration can have no other result than that of accelerating the end.
fyodorov, philosophy of the common task

ordered Laruelle’s From Decision To Heresy as well, direct from urbanomic, because fuck amazon. 

Unreconciled with the world, Bataille consents to be a member of the category of intellectuals: but, convinced of the impossibility of a transparency that would be entirely satisfying, he can only consent on the level of pathos. Hence, the vertigo which seizes him, the will to wholehearted and endless action—to keep alight that flame which makes existence a rupture and a paradox. Acting for no reason at all (because all the cards have already been played), all one can do is call upon the emptiness which will henceforth sustain history. All of this is in order to try to escape from insignificance, to raise oneself to the level of the impossible. Hence, too, Bataille’s tendency passionately to counter the unfinished nature of everything as the condition of human existence. In an essay in Critique devoted to Camus he underlines this in these terms: ‘Life, the world, are nothing in my eyes if not capriciousness.’ Which means that there can never be lasting satisfaction. The result is that the only conceivable good consists in never being still, and not in fighting the obstacles to a final reconciliation, as a Sartrian intellectual would do. One has reason never to be satisfied and one has reason also to abandon the illusion that there could be a remedy for this situation…Hegel is right. Everything has already been done. But Hegel left to one side the essential thing on which one must wager: The open wound that is my life, the erotic desire for the other, the tears or laughter that distance us—the sacrifice which unites men beyond the discontinuities sustained by societies where reason supposedly rules. In short, action has perhaps become futile and illusory, but what still remains is to live to the full extent of those states, or rather those ecstasies which are the reverse side of and the objection to a complete rationality dreamed by the philosophers. What remains, then, speaking like Bataille, is to confront in oneself the feeling of being ‘a savage impossibility’, the pain of existence confined to limits which one can only desire eternally to transgress.
Jean-Michel Besnier, Bataille, the emotive intellectual” in Bataille: Writing the Sacred (via tiredshoes)

ordered the #accelerate reader then instantly realized that everybody is going to think i’m an orthodox urbanomican and the NSA is probably yucking it up at me right now, “he calls himself a leftist but look at him with that realist hive”.



Malcolm X … assumed the letter X as an expression of a lack of identity [and of the] irrevocable loss … of Origins.

… Identification with the unknown … brings to light [that] … we must avoid … the “search for the lost origins”.

X qua void exceeds every positive symbolic identity: … we find ourselves in the fantasy domain of “experimentation, danger, poison, obscenity” that no … identity can fill out.

- Slavoj Zizek