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First programming I’ve gotten to put together since moving to Philadelphia! Hearers’ Duo is my friend and roommate Dan Finn on electric piano and myself on drums. Quinn (di—es—-can-ic-ul-ar—es) will be speaking in multiple voices via piano and amplifier. Van Sutra features Philly percussion guru Julius Masri and ex-Don Caballero/Storm & Stress guitarist George Draguns, and they’ll be laying out massive free-rock collages. Philly friends, see you there!


it seems that often, when we speak about performance, we’re generally speaking about (or at least we think we’re speaking about) some exhibition in the Real (Real-time and Real-space) of some performer’s physicality. this is, apparently, the difference between a performance and a recording: in…

The Israeli war machine, much like the US war machine in Afghanistan or Iraq, does not protect Palestinian queers and women and children. It kills them, maims them, and dispossesses them alongside their loved ones—for the simple reason that they are Palestinian, and thus able to be killed with impunity while the world watches. Today, the difference between Palestinian womenandchildren and Palestinian men is not in the production of corpses, but rather in the circulation of those corpses within dominant and mainstream discursive frames that determine who can be publicly mourned as true “victims” of Israel’s war machine. Thus the sheer number of womenandchildren dead are enough to mobilize the US president and the UN to make statements “condemning” the violence—but the killing, imprisonment, and maiming of Palestinian men and boys in times of war and ceasefire goes uncited. In Israel men, settlers, and even soldiers are framed as victims of Palestinian terrorism and aggression. All are publicly mourned. In an almost direct reversal, while Palestinian boys and men have been the primary target of Israel, as evidenced by the population of political prisoners and targeted assassinations, are not seen by western based mainstream media as victims of Israeli terrorism and aggression. Palestinians are put in the self-defeating position of having to fight to be recognized as human, to be recognized in death and in life as victims of Israeli policies and actions.

gosh i was wondering if anyone was gonna criticize how chivalrous we’ve been with the phrase “woman & children” surrounding gaza these days.

Yo, I sense the shit out of that. all the OOO dudes and accelerationists on Facebook are so fuckin pumped about snow piercer and I’m just like “calm down”. And then Mckenzie Wark is just like “whatever I’m watching edge of tomorrow”.

Yo, I sense the shit out of that. all the OOO dudes and accelerationists on Facebook are so fuckin pumped about snow piercer and I’m just like “calm down”. And then Mckenzie Wark is just like “whatever I’m watching edge of tomorrow”.

siliconandsunlight said: I’m planning on grabbing it on Friday before the show

turns out it’s only 3 hours though. this is bullshit, they said it’d be 13 years.

up next on “quinn returns to cinephilia”:

boyhood is in philly tomorrow and snowpiercer is in pheonixville on friday and everything else i’m gonna assume is the sundance industrial complex and out to get me.

polanski did venus in fur “oohh god i’m so impressed”

"untitled thirteen year project" they said.

time comes around.

boyhood starts in philly tomorrow.

conspiracy theorist looks at Zizek’s hair in the right light. finds out that Zizek is donald trump.

A fiction: young investigative journalist and paranoid pseudoscientist by the name of Karl Marx uncovers an insidious plot to build a feedback loop, accuses production and consumption of entanglement as co-conspirators.

some friends in here but not sure if they want to be identified.

Last night last night

Last night last night

Last day of phaesporia






for folks looking for queer sci-fi…………………..



So our distro site is here for the physical pickup action. = )

Our HQ needs a lot of love, but since AMC planning took over my life, and I work on computers for $$$, I’m taking a summer vacay from spending any time massaging relevant blog content (although there’s so much planned!). It IS good for keeping up on our events though. 

However… the insidious FBook is still the easiest place to keep up on our events, and a lot of our network’s events in Philly and the surrounding area. So peep us there if you really wanna keep up on what we’re doing, where we’re going. (Like actually just check the page from time to time, cause you know how FB likes to manipulate what information shows up for who and when.)


OH AND WE’LL BE AT ripexpo IN PROVIDENCE THIS AUGUST 2-3rd w/ heyanniemok & superdefstar 

This stuff is all wonderful and yes we’ll all be at RIPE! Rasheedah, Alex, & Maggie Eighteen will be on a panel I’m curating/moderating about personal takes on sci-fi/genre/fantastical worlds, along with O Horvath, Inés Estrada, and Alabaster—. xoxoxoxo

Several of the artists in the Metropolarity gang are actors and actresses in Phaesporia. Please check there stuff!